The client for this project had a background in the audio visual industry and therefore naturally wanted a home with a high-quality whole home audio system and the latest smart home automation technology. This was a hugely exciting opportunity for us and we had previously spent time researching the benefits of smart home systems, but had not yet had a chance to specify one. The client also wanted a home with a contemporary aesthetic but was aware that the site was in a borough where the local authority planning department favoured applications with a traditional aesthetic to be in keeping with the existing building stock. This was a issue that we had overcome on numerous occasions previously and therefore we were up for the challenge. Furthermore, there were also other site constraints including the relationship to the adjacent dwelling and the orientation of the site. There was an existing 1970s chalet bungalow on the site, and while we did carry out a feasibility study to consider a refurbishment, the client’s aspirations pointed to a new build scheme instead.

The design we developed to overcome the site constraints is quite radical, featuring a unique layout with two wings and a connecting glazed link. The single-storey front wing, which faces the street, is sensitively designed to sit comfortably alongside the neighbouring dwelling in terms of scale and form, whilst being unashamedly modern with different materials and contemporary detailing. The two-storey rear wing, sited at the back of the property, houses most of the accommodation, and yet, with its flat roof will be lower than the front wing, thereby minimising impact. The siting of the rear wing on the northern side of the plot is central to the design as it will open up to a private garden on the south side with lots of south facing glazing to receive sunlight and benefit from passive solar heating. If the dwelling were sited further south within the plot, the result would be the opposite, south-facing windows would be shaded by trees along the southern boundary of the plot and the private garden, being located north of the dwelling, would be shaded by the dwelling itself. The two wings are connected by a glazed link, a unique feature which will produce real drama and delight within the double-height entrance hall that will greet you as you enter through the front door and as you move between wings or up and down the open-tread staircase.

The project obtained planning permission in 2021 and is now at the tendering stage, but we hope to provide updates once construction has started. After further research and in close collaboration with client, we ended up specifying a professional, fully-integrated, cloud-free LOXONE smart home system.

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