This project is an example of what we call “house re-branding”. The way a business is branded defines how that business is perceived by customers, and in the same way our homes can be an expression of who we are. When our client for this project approached us, their existing 1970s identikit developer-build home, with its red brick, while plastic cladding, white uPVC windows, and concrete roof tiles, the house was tired and unattractive, and didn’t properly reflect them and their tastes. Look to the properties to the left of the house in the photographs to see what the house looked like previously.

Based on our design, a front and side extension was added and the house was completely re-branded to dramatically improve its curb appeal. The extension and existing dormer window were clad in RUSSWOOD Siberian-Larch vertical open-boarded square-edge timber cladding with a SiOO:X coating to provide a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The existing red brick walls were rendered with a STO white Silicone resin render finish. The existing concrete roof tiles were replaced with CEDRAL blue-black fibre cement slates. And all existing windows were replaced with ORIGIN aluminium framed windows. 

The project is built and we are really pleased with the finished result. We were also delighted to receive the below feedback from our clients.

We are really happy with how the house has finished up looking. All the suggestions were really effective: the vertical timber cladding, the tall window into the porch, the outdoor storm porch, and the high-level slot window to the garage. We love it, and have had literally hundreds of positive comments from neighbours and passers-by. Thank you so much.

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