Multi-Plot Self Build Development in Kent

Orchard Farm is a unique multi-plot self build development where you can purchase a serviced plot with planning permission on which to build your own home alongside a community of other self builders. The first phase 18 plots will be released for reservation soon. Register your interest to receive updates.

Orchard Farm Site Plan Phase 1
Site Plan showing 25 plots in Phase 1
Orchard Farm Plot 14
Figures from the Plot Passport for Plot 14

Wondering which plot to reserve?

Book an Orchard Farm Plot Selection Consultation

The purpose of this free 45 minute online video call is to help you define your Plot Selection Parameters and to discuss the merits and constraints of the plot(s) at Orchard Farm so that you can make an more informed decision about which plot to reserve. 

You will also get:

  • A copy of our Orchard Plot Plot Selection Guide

Already reserved a plot?

Book an Orchard Farm Clarity Review Intro Call

Our Clarity Review pre-design service is a low-commitment consultation that we offer all prospective clients, however for self builders at Orchard Farm we have developed a tailored service, the Orchard Farm Clarity Review that is specifically designed to help you progress from making a plot reservation to exchange of contracts within the required 9 week period, and to equip you during this time with the information you need to embark on your self build journey at Orchard Farm with clarity and confidence. Book an Orchard Farm Clarity Review Intro Call to learn more. 

Schedule of Services:

  • Brief Development

    We send you a questionnaire with 70 questions designed to help you write a Detailed Project Brief; we attempt to crystalise your project brief on a single page as a sort of project manifesto that can be shared with the key stakeholders in the project; we have a video call to review.

  • Plot Review

    We carry out a desktop study to review all the documentation relating to your reserved plot and we produce a short report discussing the constraints and opportunities of the plot and any other relevant findings and recommendations.

  • Initial Sketch Scheme

    We will produce an Initial Sketch Scheme with 2D plans and a basic 3D view of the exterior; and have a video call to present this. Please note: the purpose of this initial sketch scheme is to enable an initial cost estimate to be produced and will likely not be the final design.

  • Project Roadmap

    Informed by the above, the Project Roadmap is a preliminary stage-by-stage plan for executing your project, providing project-specific guidance relating to; legislative and statutory requirements, architectural services, other client appointments, together with estimated timescales and costs.

  • Clarity Call

    An online video call to review the contents of the Project Roadmap and discuss your next steps.

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