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An electronic water descaler / water softener alternative that inhibits the build up of limescale within your water pipes and home appliances. While conventional salt-based water softeners use a process called ion-exchange to remove calcium and magnesium minerals from so-called “hard” water thereby “softening” it, ⁠this clever little device uses electromagnetism to alter the adhesion properties of these naturally-occurring minerals within the water. This differing approach to dealing the problem of limescale build up offers a number of benefits. Conventional salt-based water softeners are fairly bulky pieces of kits that typically need to be professionally installed and require ongoing maintenance with salts needing to be replenished regularly. This device is significantly smaller, cheaper to install and run, and requires no maintenance. It is also super easy to install. It is simply plugged into a power socket and two coils of wire are wound around your incoming water pipe.⁠

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