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A PUBLIC VISION FOR THE HOME OF 2030 is a report that was published in July 2020 by DESIGN COUNCIL to inform the HOME OF 2030 competition, as well as providing guidance for the housing sector as a whole. The reports sets out a vision and principles for successful homes of the future and highlights 20 key principles in 6 sections based on the findings from local workshops and polling among a nationally representative sample of adults in England.


Being fit for purpose

1. A home that is affordable to run so I can still live a comfortable life.
2. A home that gets the basics right.
3. A home where I don’t have to worry about everything working as it should.

Giving people agency

4. A home that is easy to adapt or extend.
5. Having the opportunity to contribute to the design of my home.
6. A home that is simple to fix and maintain without assistance.
7. Having more choice and freedom over my housing options.
8. Having control over what digital technology can do in my home.

Addressing the climate crisis

9. A home that is environmentally friendly and is part of a response to climate change.
10. A home that makes it easier for me to make more sustainable living choices.

Connecting people and their communities

11. Having regular contact with my neighbours.
12. A home that has spaces and facilities that I can share with my neighbours.
13. A home that is in a neighbourhood that has all the amenities that a community of all different ages may need.
14. A home with plenty of convenient travel options so that I can get around easily.

Meeting the needs of every life stage

15. A home which is suitable for multiple generations of my family to live in.
16. A home that is my current home, but with improvements.
17. A home where it is possible for me to work from home.
18. A home that has quality private or shared gardens.

Representing something different

19. A home that looks attractive and has its own identity.
20. A home that is innovative and different to what people have seen before.

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