Clarity Review

Our Clarity Review pre-design service is a low-commitment consultation we offer all prospective clients before we provide a proposal for our full architectural service and before we start work on design. For us as architects, our Clarity Review is an absolutely crucial first stage of our process, as it enables us to really get to know our clients, and their requirements and aspirations, before we start designing their homes. To use a medical analogy, it enables us properly diagnose the problem so that we can confidently prescribe a solution. For our clients, the service is designed to help you define your destination and map out your journey, including estimated timescales and costs, so that you can embark on your self build journey with clarity and confidence.

The Clarity Review is split into 3 parts: 


  • Brief Development Form

    An interactive PDF questionnaire for you to fill out in your own time with a total of 70 questions designed to help you write a Detailed Project Brief.

  • Brief Workshop

    An in-person meeting at your current home to review your Brief Development Form and to discuss your priorities.

  • Project Brief

    A written summary that will attempt to crystalise your project brief on a single page as a sort of project manifesto that can be shared with the key stakeholders in the project.


  • Site Visit

    A physical meeting at the site.

  • Plot Review Report

    A detailed report produced to identify, summarise, and analyse information available about the site and any buildings on the site, including information provided by the client, information found online, and observations made during the site visit. The purpose of the report is to describe the key particulars of the site and highlight relevant considerations both for the awareness of the client and to inform designers and other stakeholders during the design and construction stages of the project.

  • Plot Review Call

    An online video call to review the contents of the Plot Review Report and to discuss the implications.


  • Project Roadmap

    Informed by your Project Brief and the Plot Review, the Project Roadmap is a preliminary stage-by-stage plan for executing your project, providing project-specific guidance relating to; statutory requirements, architectural services, other client appointments, and estimated timescales and costs.

  • Clarity Call

    An online video call to review the contents of the Project Roadmap and discuss your next steps.

In addition to the above pre-design services, we also offer the below Plot Search service to help aspiring self builders who are yet to find a site for their project.


  • Plot Search Parameters Form

    A interactive PDF questionnaire for you to fill out in your own time which is designed to help you define the parameters for the plot search including: budget, search area, plot types, and other search requirements.

  • Plot Search Report

    A desktop study which will aim to find the 5 plots that best match your Plot Search Parameters and identify the main constraints and opportunities for each site, with the findings to be provided in a PDF Report. Please note that this search will focus on plots available on the open market.

  • Plot Search Call

    An online video call to review the contents of the Plot Search Report and discuss your next steps.

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If you are interested in starting your project with a Clarity Review, we invite you to book a free Getting Started Consultation with Architect and Self Build Coach, Oliver Murray.

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