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1.1 what is self build

1.1.1 dictionary definitions of self build from Collins Dictionary

1. the practice of building one’s own home (noun)
2. a house that one has built oneself (noun)
3. built by the occupant or involving building by the occupant (adjective)
4. to build a home for one’s own use (verb)

1.1.2 the legal definition as defined in the self build act 2015

the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 (as amended by the Housing and Planning Act 2016) provides a legal definition of self build and custom housebuilding. The Act does not distinguish between self build and custom housebuilding and provides that both are where:

‘individuals or an association of individuals, or persons working with or for them, build or complete houses to be occupied as homes by those individuals.’

the government goes on to say that in considering whether a home is a self build or custom build home, relevant authorities must be satisfied that the initial owner of the home will have primary input into its final design and layout.

1.1.3 what is custom build?

well during a debate in parliament back in October 2014, the housing minister at the time, Brandon Lewis, said:

‘the definition of self build covers someone who directly organises the design and construction of their new home, while custom build covers someone who commissions a specialist developer to help to deliver their own home.’

while the use of two terms makes a distinction between custom build and self build, the former could be said to be a type of self build, with self build being a broader, more encompassing terms, and custom build being narrower, more specific term.

1.1.4 what is collective custom build?

the government’s definition of self build and custom housebuilding also alludes to another type of self build – that by an association of individuals. this type of self build has referred to as collective custom build, a form of self build where groups of people come together in order to provide their own homes collectively or as part of a multi-unit site. some view this form of self build as the most viable way to scale up self-provided housing as a mainstream procurement route of new build housing in the UK. The term ‘self-provided housing’ is another perhaps more generic and appropriate term that encompasses all forms of self build.

1.1.5 our definition of self build

to self build therefore doesn’t necessarily mean physically building your own home. rather self-build is more broadly understood to mean that you have some involvement in the building of your own home. furthermore, there are different types of self build with varying levels of involvement and also the possible possibility of self building with others.

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