Cambridge-based Architect and Self Build Coach

We specialise in working with self builders who want to build beautiful, high-performance, contemporary homes, and we provide self build coaching alongside our architectural services to help our clients progress through their self build journeys with clarity and confidence.

How we can help you:

  • We help you get started

    With our Self Build Primer and our Getting Started Consultation, we help you figure out whether self build is for you and provide guidance regarding your next steps.

  • We map out your self build journey

    We know embarking on a self build can be daunting and confusing, but with our Clarity Review, we help aspiring self builders define where there are going and how to get there, before they set out on their journey.

  • We provide self build coaching

    By offering self build coaching alongside our architectural services, we make the process of building your own home easier.

  • We design high-performance homes

    We specialise in the design of beautiful, high-performance, contemporary, self build homes

Stage 0

Getting Started Resources

Whether you are just researching or actively planning a self build, we have put together a package of FREE Getting Started Resources to help you figure out whether self build is for you and advise you regarding your next steps.

For those who are just researching:

For those who are ready to start planning their self build:

Stage 1

Clarity Review

At the start of your self build journey, it is fairly likely that; you have never been on this journey before; you only have a vague idea of your destination; you are unsure how to get there or which mode of transport to use; you don’t know how much it will cost or how long the journey will take; and you are feeling a little daunted and confused. While this is entirely understandable, it is also not ideal, and so we developed our Clarity Review We developed our Clarity Review to help you make some preparations, to clearly define where you are going and how to get there, before you set out on your journey.

Our Clarity Review will help you clarify:

Stages 2-5

Full Service

We offer a full service to help our clients progress from making a start on a concept design at the beginning stage 2 through to completion of construction at the end of stage 5. While some architects offer a partial service, typically up to obtaining building regulations plans approval, we prefer to work with clients who at least have the intent of engaging our services through to the end of the build. We pride ourselves in producing quality designs and we want to see that translate into quality builds, however if we are not involved in the later stage of a project, the end result can often be compromised.

Before After BBP-02-protaHOMES-architects-cambridge-new-build-passivhaus-after-image

Our full service could be right for you if the following apply to you:

  • You have a suitable plot of land and are planning a self build project with a build cost between £250k and £2m

  • You want a full service and intend to proceed with our services through to the completion of your project

  • You want to build a high-performance contemporary home utilising panelised forms of offsite-construction

  • You are willing to follow our process and timescales

  • You are willing provide feedback and testimonials at each stage of the process


We specialise in the design of beautiful, high-performance, contemporary, self build homes.

We design:

  • Beautiful

    By 'beautiful', we mean that we seek to design homes that are not only functional, but also provide moments of delight.

  • High-performance

    By 'high-performance', we mean homes that are designed and specified to meet the rigorous performance criteria of the Passivhaus Building Standard, and deliver high standards of comfort and health for their inhabitants, whilst also being good for the environment.

  • Contemporary

    By 'contemporary', we mean homes that are of the 21st Century, belonging to the present, and not only with respect to their appearance, but also in terms of the materiality, detailing, and use of modern methods of construction.

  • Self build homes

    By 'self build homes', we mean that we work with people who want to commission the design and construction of their own home, and who are therefore inherently interested and invested in creating a beautiful and high-performance home.

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