the online catalogue where you can purchase and download plans for your self build.
making the process of building your own home easier

what if self build could be...

• easier
the online house type catalogue makes the process of building your own home easier, providing a straight-forward and hassle-free route through the design and planning stages of the self build process.
• accessible
by making self build house plans available as downloadable products, we hope to make self build a viable and attractive option for more people. if you thought that self build was not for you, why not think again.
• faster
our "ready-made", "pre-prepared", “here's one we made earlier” offering has the potential to significantly reduce the design development phase of your self build project, shaving months off the overall programme.
• shared
while there are forms of self build where self builders “share a site”, we present to you a new approach to self build, where a number of self builders “share a design”. by doing so they unlock the power of sharing with some significant benefits.
• refined
the principle of sharing allows for a higher level of research and development than would be justifiable for a bespoke one-off design. the result, we believe, are designs that are more refined, and communicated with information that is more detailed and comprehensive.
• affordable
our plans are priced at a fraction of the cost of producing them and significantly less than one would pay for a bespoke one-off design. we are able to do this because we anticipate that the cost of producing our designs will be covered (shared) by many customers.


the home that can grow with you
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design features

• grow
auxano, meaning 'to grow' in ancient Greek, is envisioned as the home that can grow with you. the core concept is that it will enable, for example, a young couple to build a modest (but well designed) 2-bed house that can then be seamlessly and coherently extended as their family grows and in line with the amount of financing they have access to.
• core
auxano's ability to grow is made possible by an innovative layout whereby a principle side entrance provides direct access to a circulation core at the heart of the house from which almost all rooms are accessed. download packs include three size variants (2B, 3B, & 4B) and two extension variants (2BX and 3BX) to facilitate a phased approached to self build.
• generous
auxano boasts a generously sized entrance hallway to accommodate anything from buggies to bicycles. open-plan living areas on the ground floor have floor-to-ceiling glazing to bring the outside in. lofted ceilings to first floor rooms provide a sense of airiness, spaciousness, and just a bit of grandeur. all bedrooms are handsomely sized with no box room in sight.
• contemporary
auxano is a home for the 21st century. traditional materials including standing seam metal and Siberian Larch timber cladding are used and detailed in a crisp and contemporary manner. modern convivences and sustainable services are integrated into the design and are carefully considered to facilitate maintenance and future upgrades.
• delightful
auxano has a unique form that makes a statement and sets it apart from the ordinary. as you enter through the entrance door your attention is drawn upward to a large flat rooflight above the staircase which not only offers ‘frameless’ views of the sky but also moments of delight every time you walk up or down the stairs.
• comfortable
auxano provides a healthy interior environment that is comfortable and enjoyable to live in. a well insulated and airtight building envelope ensures thermal comfort, a mechanical ventilation system guarantees excellent air quality, and dual aspect windows in all but one of the habitable rooms provide an abundance of natural daylight and sunlight, whatever the orientation of the house or the time of day.


we offer different packs of information with varying levels of detail. the planning pack is available for purchase, and the construction pack and tender pack can be pre-ordered, with target release dates of 1st June 2020 and 1st Sep 2020 respectively. the prices displayed are progressive, which means that the planning pack is included within the construction pack, and the construction pack is included within the tender pack. If you purchase the planning pack first, you will also receive a discount coupon for the construction pack equal to the value of the planning pack, with the same principle applying to the construction pack.

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